Why iContadini ?

Like our vegetables need time, sun, water and great care to grow and to come to the right grade of maturation, in the same way our farm has budded and flourished year after year in the last 30 years. Our grandfathers, our fathers, the women of our family have given body and soul to the care of our land and its fruits. Their hard-working hands and their devotion have permitted us to grow up loving our sun and our red land, learning that is important to improve ourselves and the surrounding landscape.

Our products and our short production cycle are guaranteed by Italian suppliers, the vegetables are naturally dried in the sun and conserved in extra-fine olive-oil, the spices come from Sicily and the tuna is fished in the Mediterranean Sea and manufactured in Apulia. The sea-salt comes from the salinas Margherita di Savoia, while the excellent wine-vinegar is from Emilia Romagna.
To produce as we do, let us say it, it is necessary to be a little bit agriculturist, a little bit artisan and a little bit artist. Every time we create a new product, we stop to imagine which sensation we want to offer to our clients, which surprise we want to give them and, which is the best taste to use in order to leave a long memory of our wonderful place.
Our farm is always opened to the public. With us people can discover and learn the art of cultivation, of the picking and the conservation of the vegetables. Touristic destination and meeting-place, “ iContadini “ is not only a brand but a way to choose a daily quality.