The Farm

The “I contadini “farm, which is run by the third generation of young men, was born in one of the most suitable areas for the cultivation of vegetables, in Puglia, more exactly in Salento, which is said to be “the land of sun, sea and wind”.

The benign climate of this land, which is for the greater part of the year warmed by sun, together with favourable ground structure and positive sea influence, let us obtain excellent tomatoes and all vegetables productions.


The farm technical details:

Farm area: 250.000 square metres
Covered area: 800 square metres
Squares area: 5000 square metres
Drainage area: 34.000 square metres
Cultivation area: 200.000 square metres

The “I contadini” farm directly makes use of the “integrated production” technique to cultivate more than 20 hectares of open fields vegetables: among them there are “San Marzano”tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, summer squashes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, artichokes and many other products.

Many vegetables are naturally dried up by the sun of Salento, so that all excess water is taken away and the product is preserved in its organoleptic and nutritive qualities; afterwards the phase of canning food without added preservatives can start.

Products are preserved in olive oil, then they are harboured in a simple and handmade way, so that they remind tasters the old flavour of home-made conserves. Draining vegetables by the sun is a very ancient and almost totally abandoned practice; eventhough difficult and delicate, it allows the reaching of an absolutely unique organoleptic result: softness of pulp, preservation of vegetables vitamins, proteins and mineral salts, an aromatic profile which is well-balanced and recognizable.
Pulped tomatoes are handmade (like those of our grandmothers), tomatoes are parboiled and minced; only after adding salt and fresh basil, pulped tomatoes can be naturally cooked in a bain-marie without using preservatives.

By following this procedure, the good scent of just gathered tomatoes can be smelled.

The farm also produces a special variety of artichokes from Brindisi, which are personally cultivated, gathered and laboured by practised hands.

At 8 hours interdistance of time, artichokes are already preserved in olive oil.

This variety of artichoke is peculiar as it is perfectly suitable for this production process; although very crisp it always maintains an extremely strong taste.

The reason why you have to choose the “I contadini” products:
  • A short chain and an integrated production
  • Completely handmade products
  • Products are 100% made in Italy
  • Vegetables are drained by the sun
  • Products are without added preservatives
  • Authentic taste and flavours (not standardized)
  • A wide range of sizes from 212 to 3100 grams
  • An excellent value for money